Royal Marines 350th Anniversary 2014

Posted November 6th, 2014 in Blog by Jan


As 2014 races to a close, I feel very privileged to have been the photographer on so many grand occasions. VVIPs have been present on many an event and I have had many testimonials and messages for the quality and professionalism shown in the way images have been captured from the highest ranking officers worldwide. Memories abound and on reflection as I prepare for the final major event in London later this month I can honestly say I am proud of the Royal Marines heritage in every way, 350 years of timeless distinction of which I spent 38 years myself forming part of that history. The continuation with my photography work inspires me to follow everything that Royal Marines do, you can be assured that when the time comes they form the most reliable and professional deterrent that the United Kingdom has to offer, and I am sure this will continue for another 350 years. Esprit de Corps the Royal Marines, the Commando Spirit is in all of you, serving and former ranks all. The greatest respect…

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