Brass Breakout Jazz Orchestra

Coming right up following superb recent appearances of BBJO, Jazz Sunday at the Farmhouse Portsmouth playing to a packed room. It’s the Brass Breakout Jazz Orchestra on the 28th January 2024, starts at 12:30. Free entry but donations appreciated.

I am pleased to say we have a confirmed residency at the Farmhouse & Innlodge, Burrfields Road Portsmouth PO3 5HH on the last Sunday of each month, this is an excellent big band playing full throttle with a varied programme. Looking forward to a great day of Big Band Jazz.

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As Musical Director I like everyone in the Orchestra to be involved with the choice of music we play, from the classic libraries of Basie, Ellington, Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Ted Heath, Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguson, Rob McConnell & The Boss Brass and many others.

ABC Heavy Bottom Caps Highly Recommended!

What is an ABC?

Developed by Chris Waters and the engineers at Ray Farr Flugels, the new Tom Hutchinson Adjustable Bottom Cap (ABC) replaces the standard Bottom Valve Cap on a piston brass instrument. Over the past six years our previous Heavy Bottom Cap model for Sopranos, Cornets, Trumpets, Flugels and Tenor Horns have proved very popular worldwide.  

How does it work?

Adding mass which reduces the harmonic partials (the full spectrum of sound colour within each semi-tone) is the science behind our Adjustable Bottom Caps, acting positively in terms of centering/securing notes, aiding sound and projection. The ABC can be used on either the 1st or 3rd valve; your choice. The proof of the pudding is in the blowing however and we offer a 1-month trial period with a full refund guarantee. 

What do the weights do?

There are four different weight options to use on the ABC and each combination of weights gives a different sound, depth and tone, allowing the player to adapt to whichever style needed. The extra weight gives greater stability in all ranges, helps the player produce more centred notes and improves production and control.

Every ABC is finished in bright silver plate with 24 carat gold trim. 

How to order an ABC

Adjustable Bottom Caps are available to purchase for  almost any model of Bb cornet, soprano cornet, trumpet, flugel horn or tenor horn and can be purchased by clicking the link below. This will take you directly to the manufacturers website. #heavybottomcaps


(Plus P&P)

The Eclipse JoRal Cuban TM Limited Edition

The very latest and very special CubanTM JoRal on its way to Eclipse Trumpets… Leigh, Heather and myself have agreed that each person visiting the workshop will be given the opportunity to donate £5 or more to MacMillan Cancer Charity writing their name on a raffle ticket and placing it in a jar. Christmas time Leigh will draw the name of the winner and all proceeds go to the charity. Heather is 10 years free of Cancer this year and this is an excellent way to support cancer research and the people who make a difference 👍🎺

JoRal Cuban TM ©Heather Zawada exclusive and personal designs 2022